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See What Critics Are Saying About Ross in “My Friend Dahmer”


See What Critics Are Saying About Ross in “My Friend Dahmer”

The reviews are in for Ross Lynch’s indie film debut

While we were totally bummed to see Austin & Ally end, we were also excited to see what the future would have in store for its stars, Ross, Raini, Laura, and Calum. And since we’d only seen Ross in children’s programming, we were hoping to see him take on a darker role in an upcoming project. And it doesn’t get any darker than his indie film debut, playing a young Jeffrey Dahmer in My Friend Dahmer

The film opens up today in both New York and Los Angeles, and be aware that the subject matter is very mature and holds an R rating. We haven’t seen it yet, but critics have – and we’re so proud of the incredible things they’re saying about Ross’ performance.

Check out some highlights below:

My Friend Dahmer is both sensitive and fascinating, distinguished by a stellar, mouth-breathing performance of insecurity from [Ross] Lynch.” –LA Weekly

“A brilliantly unnerving performance” –NPR

“Credit the solid cast, led by Lynch, who shows just enough on-the-fritz humanity behind his young eyes to effectively modulate this darkening of a soul.” –Los Angeles Times

 The acting is excellent throughout, and Ross Lynch in the role of Dahmer elicits genuine sympathy for an increasingly lost but not yet monstrous soul. –The New York Times

“His performance and the film are far richer and more complex than a “making of a monster” clinical rundown or a simple plea for sympathy.” –The Hollywood Reporter

“What undeniably works in Meyers’s film is Ross Lynch as Dahmer. Mostly known as a chipper Disney Channel actor and singer, Lynch seizes the opportunity to reveal a more serious side.”  –Vanity Fair

Way to go, Ross!

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