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See Which Stars Are Celebrating National Grilled Cheese Day


See Which Stars Are Celebrating National Grilled Cheese Day

Want to make a PERFECT grilled cheese? We have the recipe!

This day is important for a lot of reasons. First, we honor the incredible food invention that is…GRILLED CHEESE. Second, we all come together to eat grilled cheese. It’s the rules that you have to eat a grilled cheese today. Lastly, we get to see which of our favorite celebs love grilled cheese as much as we do! 

Here are some of your faves that we noticed enjoying a grilled cheese too:

1. Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson pair grilled cheese with tomato soup on set. Name a more iconic duo. We’ll wait.

2. Bella Thorne admits she loves grilled cheese too!

3. Zendaya snacks on grilled cheese on the set of K.C. Undercover!

4. Rydel is the queen of cheese inventions. She had a WAFFLE GRILLED CHEESE? Sign us up!

5. Remember when she and Ellington made mac and cheese tacos? Genius.

6. Ellington admits that his mom can’t cook, but she can make a mean grilled cheese! When can we come over?

7. If you were hoping to replicate Rydel’s waffle grilled cheese, Andrew Lowe has a pretty good recipe!

8. If you’re vegan, grilled cheese is not off limits! Check out this awesome vegan grilled cheese recipe

9. Thomas Barbusca loves grilled cheese so much that he wants socks with pictures of it on them.

10. Finally, check out one of our favorite videos ever. Professional chef Jeff Mauro reveals his secrets to a perfect grilled cheese.

Enjoy! This will be you and your friends today!

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