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See Why We’re Going Gaga for GrubHub!


See Why We’re Going Gaga for GrubHub!

Did you know that 50% of their tech team is female?

GrubHub is our fave food ordering app and we use it all of our photo shoots! Well, now we have another reason to love them: Grubhub’s executive tech team is comprised of 50% female employees!

According to, most large companies’ teams are made up of about 10% to 17% women (boo!) But this past spring, Matt Maloney—CEO of GrubHub—hired another woman CTO, totaling the women on his tech team to four out of eight employees. “I did not set out to have 50% of my reports to be women,” he said. “When I’m looking for people to fill roles, I think: I need a CMO—that person needs to have XYZ. I craft the ideal model. I look for people that are extremely intelligent, creative problem solvers, tinkerers.”  YAS! 

So, next time your stomach’s grumbling and you’re starting to feel hangry, grab your grub from GrubHub!

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