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Selena Gomez Visits Her Childhood Home


Selena Gomez Visits Her Childhood Home

The singer is reflecting on how much fame has changed her life.

Can you imagine someone unexpectedly knocking at your door… and it’s Selena Gomez?! The star recently stopped by to visit her childhood home in Grand Prairie, Texas — the house she grew up in before she became world famous. Even though nobody happened to be home this time around, Selena took a photo on the front steps, and shared it on social media along with some poignant memories of her time there.

“The home I grew up in, from birth to 13… (no one was home when I knocked this time lol) I visit this place every chance I get,” Selena posted on her Instagram. “In many ways it very well could have been better than my life today, but I’m grateful for a voice that can enable change today. Even when I don’t know how to do it well or actually want it. I love you Grand Prairie. Thank you. ??.”

It’s so amazing that despite the many ways fame has changed her life, Sel always remember where she came from. Before Disney Channel, world tours, and movie projects, she called this place home!

It seems like Selena has been feeling extra nostalgic lately, and it’s showing in her Instagram. Not only did she change her bio and who she follows, she also made her profile photo a throwback pic of her mom.

We hope she’s enjoying spending time in her hometown!

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