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Skittles Surprise: Are You Really Tasting the Full Rainbow?


Skittles Surprise: Are You Really Tasting the Full Rainbow?

If you hate lemon-flavored Skittles, you may not want to read this article

Recent photo evidence has shown that it’s not uncommon for your bag of Skittles to contain more yellow candies than red, green, purple, or orange ones.  

This has come to our attention through Reddit users who’ve been examining the distribution of colors in bags of Skittles. 

According to Unilad, there might be a reasonable explanation for this finding. The containers that hold each color are being infiltrated by these lemon-flavored skittles. A video from the Wrigley factory in Illinois that make Skittles reveals this process. 

Reddit users have also developed theories of their own. One user thinks that the color of yellow makes the assortment look brighter, which makes the appearance more attractive and therefore makes you want to eat more. Another user offered the idea that the excess yellow color comes from a cost-cutting decision. He thinks Skittles manufacturers make the orange color by mixing yellow and red, so there is more yellow dye than dyes of other colors. 

Whatever the case is, it looks like when we buy a bag of skittles we might be getting a lot more yellow than we bargained for! 

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