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“Social Media Is Not Real Life”


“Social Media Is Not Real Life”

Instagram Star Essena O’Neill Renames Her Page

18-year-old influencer Esenna O’Neill’s photos gained her a massive following on Instagram and other social media platforms. The Australian born celeb made thousands of dollars promoting clothes and products for different brands, but decided that social media fame left her feeling completely empty, so she opened up about her decision to rebrand her account. “I want to live in a society that looks for the positives and individual traits in each of us,” she writes. 

“Not how many followers each has, or views or likes, or body part that’s ‘nicer’ or money we make…REAL STUFF.”

And that is absolutely everything we stand for at YSBnow!

Click here to read the entire amazing story written by Elle magazine’s Kristina Rodulfo.

Esenna’s current Instagram page only has two posts up. See the first one below.

The second post on her page sends the same message. Everything we post on Instagram is performative and it’s important for everyone to know that who you are online, and especially on Instagram, is not who you are as a person. The post reads, “I like the real you more than the Instagram you.”

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