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Sofia Carson Shares an Empowering Speech at WE Day Toronto


Sofia Carson Shares an Empowering Speech at WE Day Toronto

“Education is our biggest superpower,” Sofia shared.

Sofia Carson may already be one of your biggest inspirations, thanks to her iconic Disney Channel roles and her uplifting and empowering music. But now, the star inspired thousands of young people interested in changing the world with her latest speech, delivered at WE Day Toronto 2017.

Talking about her “Descendants” character Evie, Sofia shared an all-too-true story about how many girls are brought up feeling that their self-worth is tied to what they see reflected in the mirror, which will somehow feel inadequate. Instead, Sofia wants us all to realize that we are enough as we are, and true beauty comes from within.

She shared these important messages and more in her beautiful speech, including an amazing quote: “Education is our biggest super power, books and pens are our greatest weapons, and girls, we are our own knights in shining armor…. A girl with a dream and an education is a force to be reckoned with.”

You can check out all of Sofia’s inspiring speech in the Twitter video below:

And to hear more about Sofia’s background, make sure to view our exclusive cover story video too.

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