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Sofia Carson Shares How She Wants To Make a Difference with Her Career


Sofia Carson Shares How She Wants To Make a Difference with Her Career

The actress wants to inspire others with her Disney Channel roles.

Some of Sofia Carson’s best-known acting roles including her starring spots in a few of our favorite Disney Channel Original Movies, including “Adventues In Babysitting” and the “Descendants” franchise. While she has entertained us all with her performances, Sofia has also been able to connect with her young fans and reach new audiences through the influence of her work.

That is something she has in common with other fierce young Hollywood stars. In her new cover story for Wonderland magazine, Sofia actually credited some more of our favorite Disney actresses for inspiring her own mission to make change through her platform.

“I have crossed paths with Selena [Gomez] and Zendaya a few times, I admire them both immensely… Zendaya and Selena have been trailblazers,” Sofia said. “They changed the perception of the Disney Star. But, most importantly they have used their platforms and voices to communicate and share important messages to their fans and beyond. I hope to do the same with my career!”

Being part of the Disney family means Sofia has met and gotten to work with some of the network’s biggest legends. Especially since “Descendants” was directed by Kenny Ortega, the same wizard behind more iconic works like “High School Musical,” it also means Sofia has been compared to other Disney stars: like Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus. But she doesn’t mind it, since she’s in great company.

“Just saying those names is always the most surreal thing, to be in that same sentence,” Sofia shared. “Not only did I grow up loving Disney and being obsessed with Disney Channel, but to be a part of this family and a part of that legacy is such an honor.”

It is great to hear Sofia lifting up other actors instead of competing with them! Plus, how incredible is it that all these acting legends are connected through their work?

To hear more about the evolution of Sofia’s career, make sure to check out our exclusive cover story interview with her in the video player below.

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