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#SpotlightSaturday: Meet “Rising” Singer Katrina Kusa


#SpotlightSaturday: Meet “Rising” Singer Katrina Kusa

In July of 2020, Katrina Kusa released her very first song on Spotify. Just six months later, the Boston teen surpassed one million plays on the streaming platform. It’d be a remarkable feat for any new artist, but the fact that Katrina is an unsigned high school student makes it extraordinary. Katrina just dropped her latest single, “Rising,” which she hopes will inspire others to not feel so alone when they’re getting bullied. “I feel like this song relates to me the most from my everyday life,” she tells us. “The story behind the lyrics actually consists of true scenarios I had to deal with. I hope many people will relate to the same things I have been through and see that they are not in this alone. And I hope that my music will inspire people to embrace their true selves and not be afraid to show who they really are.”

Watch the music video for “Rising” below:


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