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#TBT: Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of “The Vampire Diaries” Series Finale


#TBT: Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of “The Vampire Diaries” Series Finale

We cry just thinking about this show ending!

It has been a few weeks since The Vampire Diaries wrapped filming and we still can’t get over it! The show has been running on the CW since late 2009, so it definitely had a long run, but it is going to be so hard living life without seeing the crew of Mystic Falls on our TV screens. We are also so anxious to see how the show will end! Will Elena and Damon have a happily ever after? Will Stefan and Caroline get married? What will happen to Bonnie? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! 

While the cast hasn’t revealed too many details, Ian Somerhalder told Variety how he hoped his character would leave Elena and her friends alone, “Honestly, I think the best thing for Mystic Falls would be for these guys and all of these vampires and witches to just go away. Let Elena wake up and have these boys gone and never know any of this happened…I’ve created so much death and so much violence on this show that I think it would be such an amazing win for humanity if Damon and Stefan just went bye-bye. Let’s hope it happens.” We don’t know if Ian’s dreams will turn out to be a reality, but we will for sure find out when the finale airs on March 17th. 

Until then, let’s take a look at some behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of the finale!

The Salvatore bros will forever have a place in our hearts.

When Nina Dobrev officially announced her return to the series, we definitely cried happy tears!

Ian shared that he was the last person to leave the TVD set. Looks like he took a few goodies home with him!

All dressed up! We are dying to know what scene the stars were shooting before they snapped this selfie.

Although Team Delena appears to be endgame, we can’t forget how Stelena was the original TVD OTP!

The famous Camaro.

Julie Plec, the creator, shared this last first take of the series.

Don’t mess with Dobrev! Nina shared with fans that after years of planning, she finally got her revenge on Matthew Davis!

We’re definitely not crying. Nope… Okay, we’re totally crying!

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