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#TeacherAppreciationWeek: The 9 Most Iconic TV Teachers of All Time!


#TeacherAppreciationWeek: The 9 Most Iconic TV Teachers of All Time!

See if your fave made our list

Teachers are so important, but can be so underappreciated! That’s why we’re really glad it’s officially Teacher Appreciation Week! It’d be really cool if you could think of your favorite teacher and take a moment to write them a quick note or e-mail to express your gratitude. But before you do that, check out who made our list of the 9 Top TV Teachers ever! 

9. Mr. Lawler – “That’s So Raven.” How could you ever forget The Spit Chair?

8. Miss Ungermeyer – “The Lizzie McGuire Movie.” We can’t think of a better tour guide!

7. Erwin Sikowitz – “Victorious.” Cause we’ve always wanted a teacher who drank out of coconuts.

6. Mr. Matthews – “90210.” We wish he hadn’t ever left the show!

5. Fairy Godmother – “Descendants” & “Descendants 2” – She succeeded at the task of teaching the villains how to be good!

4. Mrs. Darbus – “High School Musical.” Her reactions during auditions were GOLD!

3. Mr. Belding – “Saved by the Bell.” Because if he didn’t make the list, we know he’d be like, “Hey, hey, hey, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!”

2. Cory Matthews – “Girl Meets World.” He did have the best example though….

1. Mr. Feeny – “Boy Meets World.” John Adams High would not have been the same without him & let’s face it, neither would we!

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