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#ThankfulThursday: 10 Reasons We’re So Thankful For Laura Marano


#ThankfulThursday: 10 Reasons We’re So Thankful For Laura Marano

Here’s why Laura always brightens our day.

Everyone knows we LOVE our first YSBnow covergirl Laura Marano! What’s not to love?! She’s so funny, incredibly talented, and one of the NICEST human beings on the planet! Here are a few moments that show how amazingly awesome she is! 

If you are a fan of Laura, you know she loves a good pun! Sleigh girl, sleigh!

She’s not afraid to get a little silly with some wall art!

Laura + kids + silly faces = ADORABLE!

TBH, she rocked ALL of these looks!

She’s a fangirl too!

We really want these two to become major BFFs.

She can’t whistle, but it’s okay, Laura! Practice makes perfect! There’s pretty much nothing this girl can’t do if she sets her mind to it.

When the Teen Choice Award cameras caught her jamming, the only thing we could say was “that is so us.”

Not only does she support her BFFs, like Calum Worthy, but she also rocks their hairstyles LOL

Basically, she’s a treasure and we’re convinced that Bruno Mars song is about her.

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