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That Girl Lay Lay Reveals The Hardest Part of Having Her Own Show


That Girl Lay Lay Reveals The Hardest Part of Having Her Own Show

Get your homework done early tonight because That Girl Lay Lay premieres at 7:30 p.m. on Nickelodeon!

Nickelodeon’s newest series That Girl Lay Lay is finally here. Rapper That Girl Lay Lay and All That star Gabrielle Navaeh Green star as BFFs on the show. When Lay Lay, an avatar from a personal affirmation app that magically comes to life, she and Sadie navigate life as teenagers.

In tonight’s premiere episode, things get crazy when Sadie wishes upon a star that her hype-girl avatar, Lay Lay, were real. You know what they say, be careful what you wish for because Sadie’s wish comes true! Now that she’s in the real world with Sadie, Lay Lay decides to enroll in the local school. Using her innate charm, Lay Lay convinces Sadie that the best way for her to come out of her shell is to run for student council. The episode is full of laugh-out-loud moments and BFF goals. Don’t miss it!

That Girl Lay Lay on Nickelodeon

“That Girl Lay Lay” premieres on September 23rd.

Lay Lay, also known as Alaya High is most known for her YouTube channel, which has over 240 million views. When her freestyle over BlocBoy JB’s “Shoot” went viral, Lay Lay became the youngest female rapper to sign a deal with Empire Records. She was only 11 years old at the time! Now at just 14, Lay Lay also has her own Nickelodeon show.

In our exclusive interview, she reveals the most challenging part of making the show. Also, find out how she reacted to meeting with Nickelodeon for the very first time.

Watch the exclusive video now:

For more with the cast of That Girl Lay Lay, check out our interview with the whole cast here.

Watch Our Hilarious Interview With The Cast of “That Girl Lay Lay”

Don’t miss the premiere of That Girl Lay Lay tonight on Nickelodeon!


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