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The Driver Era Is Here – And We Have So Many Questions


The Driver Era Is Here – And We Have So Many Questions

The debut single, “Preacher Man,” is coming on 3/16

Just so everyone knows, we’ve been part of the #R5Family since 2012, when Ross told us about his band during an Austin & Ally set visit. Since then, we’ve happily attended over a dozen R5 concerts and are proud to not only write about, but also witness, such talented artists.

Having said that, The Driver Era news is exciting. But it’s also left us with SO many questions. Here are a few of them. Who can relate?

1. Why is it just Ross and Rocky?

2. How do Rydel, Riker, and Ellington feel about this?

3. Especially Ellington – since he’s always been so involved in the writing and producing of R5 songs.

4. What happens when they tour? Will they be joined by Riker, Rydel, and Ellington?

5. Why has R5 been wiped from Hollywood Records’ website?

6. And if The Driver Era is just a side project (along the lines of Nick Jonas and the Administration) – then why were all of the R5 socials switched over?

Everyone dodging questions like:

We 100% support everything R5 does and can’t wait to hear the new music. But hopefully, these Driver Era questions will be answered sooner than later.

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