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The Fame Game: Grace VanderWaal Reflects on Her Year in the Spotlight


The Fame Game: Grace VanderWaal Reflects on Her Year in the Spotlight

“It’s so important to do what makes you happy!”

Grace Vanderwaal’s music career has been taking off as quickly as the speed of light. Ever since winning “America’s Got Talent,” the singer-songwriter has been on a whirlwind adventure. Suddenly, she’s traveling the world, meeting fans everywhere, and putting out critically acclaimed songs. But even though she was dropped into the spotlight incredibly quickly, Grace shared that she’s doing her best to stay true to herself – and be a normal 13-year-old girl.
“This past year was incredible for my career. I released my first album, went on tour for the first time, met so many of my amazing fans, and worked really, really hard. It was why I titled the album ‘Just the Beginning,’ because it all felt like I was just getting started,” she says. “I think this past year taught me a lot with balancing school and my social life with my career. I used to take school online, and I switched to regular school this past year which has been really great. It’s just about looking at each opportunity and making sure it’s what I really want to do, and to stay happy. It’s so important to do what makes you happy!”
Grace also has an amazing group of musical influences and role models who she credits along her journey.
“I think it’s so important for women and girls to feel like they have a voice and to come together and support each other,” she added. “It was incredible to see that at the Grammys, and I love Alessia Cara and her influence on my generation. I’m so happy for her. I think there’s a misconception about the industry, that you have to change who you are to look ‘cool’ in order to succeed, and that’s just not true. I always want to stay true to who I am, and if people don’t like that, then that’s okay. I think fans appreciate when you’re genuine and honest, and that’s how I try to be through all of this.
Even with all the excitement, it hasn’t been a completely easy road for Grace, and we love that she’s so open about how she’s handling it all. But we must say that she’s tackling all that fame brings with total strength!
To hear the singer talk more about her most hectic year ever, be sure to check out her new documentary below:

Plus, be sure to watch Grace’s new music video for “City Song,” which just dropped!

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