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“The Idea Of Beautiful Is So Messed Up” – Josh Levi


“The Idea Of Beautiful Is So Messed Up” – Josh Levi

The Citizen Four singer shares some important words about beauty.

Josh Levi uses Twitter to connect with fans, talk about his music, and share his thoughts with the world. Even though he’s great on Twitter every day, today was an extra special time to be following Josh because he posted a series of tweets that everyone can benefit from reading. 

The Citizen Four singer was inspired to post about what beauty really is and how it definitely is not what society makes it out to be. Sound familiar? We know. Thanks Josh, for sharing these important words and letting everyone know that they’re beautiful NOW. 

Here’s what started Josh’s series:

He went on to explain that “beautiful” can apply to more than just one color.

Josh goes on to point out that there are many types of beauty in every quality.

Thank you, Josh! These tweets inspired us today and we couldn’t wait to share them. You are so beautiful, now!

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