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The Lynch Family Posts Touching Tributes To Their Papa


The Lynch Family Posts Touching Tributes To Their Papa

See the heartfelt words and photos they shared.

Our condolences are with the Lynch family this week as they deal with the loss of Stormie’s father. Anyone who calls themself a fan of R5 knows that their family is incredibly close. 

Stormie posted this beautiful photo. She wrote, “We celebrated my sweet dad this week??We were hoping for just one last moment??for him to tell us one more joke to make us laugh??to hear him sing one more song??to hear him play the piano one more time??”

Followed by a beautiful poem written by her dad.

Rocky shared a photo of himself working on his grandfather’s Jeep with the caption, “Me working on my Grandpas Jeep. It’s been around since I can remember. I used to ride to hockey practice in this when I was younger.”

Riker posted an old photo with his grandparents. “Mamoo, Papa, and me. Must’ve been 1992. We miss you Papa. Celebrate life and tell someone you love, that you love them every day!” Thank you for the beautiful words, Riker.

Our best wishes go out to their family in this difficult time. Thanks for sharing your lives and your grandpa’s beautiful legacy with the fandom!

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