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The New Harry Styles Photoshoot Takes #TBT to a Whole New Level


The New Harry Styles Photoshoot Takes #TBT to a Whole New Level

We’re freaking out.

by Danielle Sinay

If you haven’t seen Harry’s first ever solo covers, you should look at those right now. After you’re done screaming at your screen, scroll down to scream even more, because I’m screaming, and we can scream in unison, because we all scream for Harry, especially the brand new Beatles-era Harry.

Harry’s latest photoshoot with Another Man Magazine makes me feel many things. I’m happy, confused, excited, and hopeful, but mainly impressed, because he’s taken the concept of #TBT and seriously committed.

Alright, let’s do this. Scroll down and prepare to scream.

Here’s Harry looking like a casual rockstar. He’s kind of channeling Russell Brand from Get Him to the Greek, don’t you think? 


Here’s Russell again. Just a casual man looking into the light….in a dog collar(?)


This is where he FULLY BECOMES a member of The Beatles. It’s like he fell out of the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. He probably did. If anyone has a time machine, it’s probably Harry Styles.


See? He DEFINITELY has a time machine. I will NOT accept that this photograph was NOT taken in the sixties.


OKAY AND CAN WE DISCUSS THIS? Here he’s like…a hybrid of Leo from Titanic mixed with a crying sweet innocent child descending from the great heaven to bless me with his hugs. Also, he has an amazing forehead.


Here’s more of Harry/Leo, but with a hint of French Sixties heartthrob in a film where he drives a Beetle convertible.


Literally WHO ARE YOU Harry but also it doesn’t matter because we love you. Can we borrow your time machine?

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