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Then & WOW: The “Camp Rock” Cast – 9 Years Later


Then & WOW: The “Camp Rock” Cast – 9 Years Later

“Connect” with Shane, Mitchie, & more!

Can you believe it’s been almost a decade since Camp Rock premiered on Disney Channel? Aside from the JoBros and Demi, we haven’t seen the Camp Rock crew all together in almost as long, but they’ve surely gotten up to a lot of cool stuff as individuals since the film has wrapped. From YouTube sensations to pop superstars, this cast has done it all!

Let’s throw it back and see how the Camp Rock gang has changed, and what they’re up to now.

Jasmine Richards played Margaret “Peggy” Dupree, Tess’ friend.

Jasmine has since starred in the Canadian Disney Channel show “Overruled!,” acting as the judge of a teen court. She now also runs a YouTube Channel, called Style Lights, where she makes beauty and lifestyle videos.

Anna María Pérez de Tagle played Ella Pador, Tess’ other friend.

Since her role in “Camp Rock,” she’s appeared in episodes of “Hannah Montana” and “Baby Daddy.” She also performed in “Godspell” on Broadway. Now, she has her own YouTube Channel where she shares beauty secrets.

Meaghan Jette Martin played the super talented mean girl, Tess Tyler:

Meaghan went on to star in “Mean Girls 2” and MTV’s “Awkward.” She is also set to appear in the drama film “Journey,” to be released this year.

Jordan Francis and Roshon Fegan played breakdancing BFFs, Barron James and Sander Loyer!

Jordan has released a mixtape on SoundCloud and produced the song “Sweeterman” by Drake. Roshon starred in Disney’s “Shake It Up” and came sixth in the 14th season of “Dancing With The Stars.”

Alyson Stoner played Caitlyn Gellar, Mitchie’s best friend at camp, and she was the epitome of talent.

Alyson was in two “Step Up” films, voiced Isabella on “Phineas and Ferb” and started a YouTube Channel, The Real Alyson Stoner.

Kevin Jonas played Jason Gray, Shane’s brother and fellow member of Connect 3.

After the JoBros called it quits, he married Danielle Deleasa. The couple has two children together!

Nick Jonas played Nate Gray, Shane’s other brother and fellow member of Connect 3.

Nick hasn’t quit acting! He appeared on “Scream Queens” and currently stars in the drama series “Kingdom.” And we’re loving his latest album, “Last Year Was Complicated.”

Joe Jonas played Shane Gray, the lead singer of Connect 3 who is sent to Camp Rock to fix his arrogant attitude.

Joe is currently rockin’ out in the band DNCE, which made their debut with the smash hit single “Cake by the Ocean.” When he’s not on tour with DNCE, he’s dabbing in modeling!

And finally, Demi Lovato played Mitchie Torres, a girl who dreams of going to Camp Rock. To afford it, her mother works as the camp’s cook.

Demi went from “Camp Rock” crooner to international superstar! She’s sold millions of albums, and made her feature film debut when she lent her voice to the latest Smurfs movie! Plus, she’s still super close with Nick!

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