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#ThenAndWOW: See Skai Jackson Go From Cute Kid to Stunning Style Icon


#ThenAndWOW: See Skai Jackson Go From Cute Kid to Stunning Style Icon

It’s time to rewind and watch her Hollywood journey unfold!

At 16 years old, Skai Jackson is already a Hollywood veteran, but she’s been stealing scenes since she was a little girl!


It all started back in New York City, where Skai started her career as a model:

Her personality dazzled everyone, and Skai soon began starring in national commercials, like this one!

After that, she landed guest starring roles on television series that filmed in New York City, including HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.”

But pretty soon, Hollywood came a calling, and casting directors loved Skai’s “Jessie” audition so much, they flew her to Los Angeles for an in-person meeting. We all know what happened next!

Here’s one of her first on-set interviews:

In 2013, Skai showcased her dramatic acting skills in the critically-acclaimed movie, “The Watsons Go To Birmingham.”

And after “Jessie” completed its run in 2015, Skai reprised her role as Zuri in its spinoff, “Bunk’d.”

Over the past two years, Skai’s gone from Disney Channel actress to mainstream superstar, but it hasn’t gone to her head. She loves giving back and using her celebrity to make a difference.

We can’t wait to watch Skai’s career as it continues to unfold. In the mood for some major inspo? See Skai share more about her journey in our exclusive interviews below!

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