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These 10 “Chicken Girls” Gifs Perfectly Describe Your School Week


These 10 “Chicken Girls” Gifs Perfectly Describe Your School Week


It might be Monday, but it’s time to turn that frown upside-down because every Monday is a chance to start a new week that’s better than the last and totally rock it at school! But we know that can be easier said than done, so sometimes you need a relatable pick-me-up to get you through the week. Nothing gets us through the week quite like our fave shows, so here are 10 gifs that are BEYOND accurate when describing your week.

Send them to your fellow Chicken Girls stans or share with your friends! 

1. Waking up early for school like…

2. When you meet your BFFs outside and walk in together!

3. When your friend says they’re excited for math class…like what?!

4. Walking out of class after you got assigned a huge essay:


7. When your friend asks you to hang out on a night you have to babysit your little brother:

8. When your ex-crush comments heart emojis on your latest IG pic:

9. When you’re out sick and a friend hooks you up with the notes from science class.

10. And when the teacher says class is over unless anyone else has questions and someone raises their hand!

Have a great week at school, #YSBnowFam!

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