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These 10 Tweets Prove How Much The “This Is Us” Cast Loves Each Other!


These 10 Tweets Prove How Much The “This Is Us” Cast Loves Each Other!

They are such a close bunch!

If you watch This Is Us, you’ve definitely witnessed the cast’s incredible on-screen chemistry. But the good news is that their chemistry trascends the cameras: The cast is really close off-screen too! 

Here are just a few tweets that illustrate their closeness:

1. When Sterling Knight won an NAACP Image award, not only did his fellow cast members come out to support, but they also shared their congrats on Twitter!

2. When a fan said Chrissy Metz and Sterling are a magical pair on-screen, the two stars couldn’t help but gush about one another:

3. So cute! Mackenzie Hancsicsak, who plays young Kate, was selling Girl Scout Cookies and her on-screen dad, Milo Ventimiglia, made sure to support!

4. When Mandy wrapped filming for season one of the show, Milo tweeted a bunch of photos of them and raved about how much he loves his TV wife!

5. And Mandy returned the sentiment by saying this:

6. Seeing how supportive the cast is with recurring stars makes us want to be on the show too!

7. Chrissy was on the cover of “People” and Justin Hartley could not have been more excited about it!

8. Susan Kelechi Watson’s character has such a special relationship with her father-in-law, so we love that they have a special bond off-screen too!

9. We definitely teared up when Milo stepped into dad mode and called Sterling his son.

10. Yep, Chrissy said it for all of us:

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