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These 8 Must-Follow Instagram Feeds Will Feed Your Soul


These 8 Must-Follow Instagram Feeds Will Feed Your Soul

Full of inspirational quotes & much-needed messages, see our fave accounts

Since the world seems to have gone somewhat bonkers recently, we could all use some more positivity in our feed. So we went ahead and rounded up some of the happiest, most inspirational, and colorful Instagram accounts that you’re gonna want to follow.


1. @happsters – Every amazing quote in the @happsters account is set against stunning artwork. You won’t find a happier, more positive page in the Instagram world, trust us.

2. @changingthefaceofbeauty is an amazing movement working to depict more diversity and differently-abled people in advertising. Give ’em a follow & find out more at

3. Take two of your favorite things (cute AND healthy food) and you’ve got @cleaneatz! While reminding us to eat a little bit healthier, it also reminds us not to take ourselves, or our food, too seriously:

4. Proudly wave your feminist flag & give @leaninorg a follow to learn more about important issues like sexism in the workplace:

5. @charitywater – Devoted to bringing clean and safe water around the world, this account will quench your thirst with stunning photos, while raising awareness for the importance of the movement.

6. @passionpassport – You might not be able to travel the world but this feed will take you around the globe. With breathtaking photos from different countries, you’re gonna want to hop on the next flight:

7. @humansofny – Brandon Stanton’s photos & storytelling thru each caption remind us that we’re all, well, human, and teaches us to never cast judgement on others – because we never know what they’ve endured.

8. @markbustos is a high-end hair stylist in NYC who spends his days off giving free cuts to homeless men. “I just simply wanted to bring some positive energy and hope into this world,” he says.

BONUS: If you’re not following us on Instagram yet, we try to fill our feed with inspo!

What are your fave feeds? Tag us on Insta so we can give ’em a follow!

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