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These Celebs Have Been Binge Watching “13 Reasons Why”


These Celebs Have Been Binge Watching “13 Reasons Why”

Aidan Alexander, Rebecca Black, and more can’t get enough of the new Netflix series.

It seems like everyone is obsessed with 13 Reasons Why right now and we don’t blame them. The new Netflix series dropped its full first season on Friday to rave reviews and tons of new fans. Even some of our favorite celebs are tweeting their love for the new series! 


Check it out: 

Jessie Paege thinks everyone should be watching the show.

Our fave DJ Mike Adam tweeted a quote from Selena Gomez about the realness of the show.

Katie Stevens from MTV’s “Faking It” is talking about how how amazing the show is on Twitter too!

Jack Baran is worried the show is going to be spoiled for him!

Kevin McHale is obsessed with the show too!

Aidan Alexander is on board too.

Rebecca Black even read the book back in the day!

Have you been watching it? Let us know if you like it on Twitter @YSBnow!

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