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#ThrowbackThursday: “Austin & Ally” Edition!


#ThrowbackThursday: “Austin & Ally” Edition!

Let’s go back in time with 9 throwback pics of Calum, Ross, Raini & Laura!

Austin & Ally aired its final episode over a year ago, but TBH we’re still not over it (and probably never will be)! So we decided to creep on, err, check out Raini’s Instagram and find our favorite throwback pics. For journalism!

1. Calum should *so* rock this suit at his next red carpet event:

2. Pals in Pajamas

3. This easily could have happened on the actual show.

4. OMG this is from the show’s fourth episode!

5. Everyone’s always all “Raura” – but we also have a soft spot for Ross & Raini!

6. Don’t mess with this triple threat!

7. Aw remember when Ross used to always rock bracelets?!

8. Throwback to Season 2!

9. Aww! We love you guys!! “Austin & Ally” FOREVER!!

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