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#TotallyCuteTuesday: 7 Facts About Austin Brown


#TotallyCuteTuesday: 7 Facts About Austin Brown

“Don’t worry about being ‘different.’ Just be you.”

When we first saw Austin in Annie LeBlanc’s “Picture This” music vid, we had to know who he was:


So we did a little creeping (err, digging) and found out some fun facts to know about Austin. Check ’em out!

1. We were most impressed to learn that he’s an incredible singer!

Like seriously! What a voice!

2. Austin is originally from Oregon.

3. His birthday is on June 25 and he just celebrated his 16th birthday.

4. He loves In N Out!

5. He has a brother and two sisters, and a dog named Torin who makes a cameo in this vid!

6. And Austin is super close with Tayler Holder, who’s like a big brother to him:

7. He’s super inspiring and wants you to always be true to yourself.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Austin, and hopefully, we’ll get to interview him soon!

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