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#TotallyCuteTuesday: 7 Reasons We Love Brady Tutton


#TotallyCuteTuesday: 7 Reasons We Love Brady Tutton

Could In Real Life’s youngest member be any cuter?!

Ever since we watched him croon “On Bended Knee” – and then sing opera for Emma, Nick, and Timbaland, we’ve loved 15-year-old Brady Tutton:

Boy Band Smile GIF by ABC Network - Find & Share on GIPHY

Despite being one of the youngest contestants on the show, Brady slayed every week! Now, check out 7 (of the 7 million) reasons why we love him.

1. He bravely opened up about growing up with a stutter:

2. He’s so grateful for his success:

3. He’s worked hard to hone his vocals – check out this throwback vid from 2011! (Side note: how cute is his haircut?!)

4. He’s super close with his family, especially his brothers and sister:

Did you know Brady and his sister, Casey, used to record covers together?

5. He totally understands what it means to be a fan:

6. Whether he’s onstage, or at at the pool, he always gives 100%! LOL!

7. He’s totally goofy and it’s the most adorable thing ever:

BONUS PIC: Brady and a puppy!

BONUS VID: Check out our exclusive interview with Brady, filmed after his incredible solo performance of Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One.”

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