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#TunesTuesday: The 10 Most Iconic Throwback Halloween Music Vids!


#TunesTuesday: The 10 Most Iconic Throwback Halloween Music Vids!

Get into the spooky spirit with these old-school vids from China, Miley, & more

As we get older, we add more and more scary movies to our Netflix queue, but how can we forget about the amazing Halloween songs and music vids that came from our fave Disney Channel shows and animated movies?! 

We rounded up our top ten faves – watch them below. Did we leave any out? Tweet us @ysbnow!

1. Okay, Johnny Orlando was such a cute little munchkin in this vid from October 2012, which saw him dressing up as a penguin and even a princess!

2. Around the same time, Becky G recorded “Problem” for “Hotel Transylvania.”

3. And her pals Fifth Harmony released “I’m In Love With a Monster” for its sequel:

4. 5H’s fellow X Factor alum, Bea Miller, dropped “Dracula” on her debut album:

5. And we LOVE China Anne McClain’s 2011 bop, “Calling All the Monsters.”

6. That same Monstober, “So Random” gave us “Candy Pants.”

7. And who can forget about “Austin & Ally’s” iconic Halloween episode, where this happened?

8. Okay, so it may not have technically been a “Hannah Montana” Halloween episode, but the bone dance is a real bop (and educational!):

9. Disney Channel has given us some great DCOMs, and we loved “Girl Vs. Monster” and its song “Fearless,” by Olivia Holt:

10. But this song from “Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend,” with epic choreo from Ryan Ochoa, Madison Pettis, and Roshon Fegan, is what’s getting us seriously psyched to trick or treat later today!


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