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#WackyWednesday: We’re Sharing YOUR Craziest OMG Moments!


#WackyWednesday: We’re Sharing YOUR Craziest OMG Moments!

Plus, find out how to send in yours and be featured in next week’s column

Sleeping Study Time 

I have Chemistry right after lunch, and I had a big test last week. I’m really bad at science, so I was up all night studying. But I decided that I’d get one last-minute cram session in and head to the library at lunch time. There was only one desk open in the very back and I started studying. But all of a sudden I felt someone shaking my shoulder. It was the librarian – not only had I fallen asleep, but I slept through the test, too! It was last period! I started crying and the librarian felt bad so she walked me to the front office and told them what happened. After the principal realized I wasn’t cutting school, he and I explained to my chemistry teacher what happened and I got to take the test with no points taken off. I know they say Chem-Is-Try, but for me, Chem-Is-Cry!

-Jill, IA

Pizza Party Crasher

One Friday after school, the popular girls invited me to get pizza with them. Even some boys came, too! My phone was about to die, so right before it did, I just texted my mom and said, “Getting pizza at Mario’s, be home at 6!” We were all hanging outside the pizza place, when I saw my mom’s car pull up. She got out and started screaming at me because I was supposed to pick up my little brother at soccer and totally forgot! I turned beet red and just got in the car without saying bye to anyone!

-Jenny, DE

Lipstick & Lockers!

It was my first day of high school and I decided to wear lipstick for the first time- but not a nude or glossy one, a bright red one. I was so excited when I realized my locker was right next to my crush (yay for lockers being in alphabetical order!) And I couldn’t believe it when he asked me how my summer was. Just as I started to answer him, he interrupted me and said, “You have something on your tooth. I think maybe it’s your lipstick.” I was so embarrassed!

-Courtney, NJ


Watch below & see Brenna D’Amico’s on-set slip-up!

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