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Watch the Trailer for Demi Lovato’s Upcoming Movie, “Simply Complicated”


Watch the Trailer for Demi Lovato’s Upcoming Movie, “Simply Complicated”

The singer is telling all in a new documentary film about her life.

Demi Lovato is ready to publicly open up about her life more than she ever has before: the singer has created an upcoming documentary called “Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated,” which is set to premiere on YouTube on October 17.

In her movie, Demi will be talking all about her mental health journey, her sobriety and addiction, her dating life, and her most personal struggles, in order to erase the stigma surrounding these topics and let her fans in even closer to her. Today, the star unveiled the official trailer for her project, which shows us just what we can expect to see from the full-length feature.

Upon first watching the clip, you’ll notice behind-the-scenes drama and struggles you never knew about, plus some thoughtful commentary from Nick Jonas.

It’s no accident that Demi unveiled this project today: in fact, it is Mental Health Awareness Day, and Demi is using the opportunity to speak up about it.

You can catch the trailer for Demi’s movie below:

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