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#WayBackWednesday: Ariana Grande’s Greatest YouTube Moments!


#WayBackWednesday: Ariana Grande’s Greatest YouTube Moments!

7 must-watch, mind-blowing vids

Let’s be real: You can’t turn on the radio without hearing one of Ariana Grande’s latest hits, and we’re living for it. But, before Ariana was a household name, she was “osnapitzari” on YouTube! That’s right, your favorite pop star was also an avid YouTuber!

During her Victorious days, Ariana would post all kids of fun content from covers to makeup tutorials. Not to mention her infamous live streams, where her celeb friends would often make cameos. Take a look at some of our favorite vids!

1. If you’re an @Arianator, you probably know Ari’s amazing at impressions! But before her hilarious impression skit on SNL, there was this gem:

2. Remember the #ChubbyBunnyChallenge? Ariana took a stab at it with Jennette McCurdy. Try to watch this without laughing!

3. The best makeup tutorial you’ll ever see!

4. Watch Ari and Liz Gillies ask each other the questions you’ve always wanted to know!

5. Remember when the pair prank called Avan Jogia?

6. But her covers were the absolute best!

7. And if we were lucky, we got a studio version! Listen to Ari kill this cover of Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love The Way You Lie.”

What are your favorite Ariana YouTube moments? Tell us on social media!

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