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#WCW: Meet Aerie’s Summer 2018 Models!


#WCW: Meet Aerie’s Summer 2018 Models!

“Beautiful, strong, confident women come in all forms.”

We have loved Aerie’s diverse and photoshop-free #AerieReal campaigns since they first debuted the concept a few years ago with Iskra Lawrence.

And remember when they helped arrange a very special photo shoot with Make-a-Wish America?

And the brand’s latest campaign roll-out is their best yet because it represents young women everywhere, showcasing girls of all ages, skin colors, sizes, and shapes. In the stunning new photos, you’ll also see women proudly revealing their insulin pumps, surgical scars, and more features – and it’s absolutely beautiful. 

As model Rajee Aerie shared on her social media, normalizing all kinds of body types, disabilities, and differences is what true inclusivity is all about:
“My heart is so full right now! Just one day after @Aerie launched it’s new campaign that includes everyBODY the amount of outpour I have gotten from how much this has impacted people in such a positive way is amazing,” she posted on Instagram. “This is exactly the kind of change I want to see in the world and I know in order for the world to normalize and humanize people with disabilities in order to diminish the negative stereotype I had to make a change but I am sure as a little girl with polio I never imagined I had to get down in my skivvies to show the world that beautiful, strong, confident and sexy women come in all forms. I’m blessed to be able to bring that to people through Aerie. #disabilityinmedia #aeriereal.”

We loved seeing how more of the campaign’s models reacted on social media after seeing themselves (finally!) represented by a huge mainstream brand.

And we’re not the only ones identifying with the models!

This is a total win – and we hope more brands start seeing how powerful this campaign is and work to make inclusivity the norm!

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