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#WCW: Meet Primark’s Stylish Model Advocating Disability Representation


#WCW: Meet Primark’s Stylish Model Advocating Disability Representation

Kelly Knox is a trailblazer and a role model!

Kelly Knox is one fierce fashionista to follow, and you’re really going to get to know her style thanks to her inspiring new modeling campaign for Primark. The British model, who was born without a forearm, is featured in the mega store’s latest imagery where she is celebrating her uniqueness.
“I CAME… I SAW… I SLAYED,” Kelly announced on Instagram, dropping the first look at her photo shoot. 
After thanking her team for believing in her talent and advocating for more diversity in the fashion industry by including visible disabilities, Kelly went on to share her wishes for a truly inclusive future.
“Let’s keep pushing those boundaries, move mountains and break barriers!” she shared. “Thank you to Primark for embracing and celebrating me as a model… and for including disability in your diversity agenda.”
Plus, Kelly shared some beautiful words of wisdom that are worth remembering at all times.
“All bodies are worthy and deserving of representation,” Kelly wrote. “Your body does not need to be the media’s version of perfect.  You just need to be seen, heard, celebrated, represented. Do not let society strip you of your beauty. Know you are someone unique and special and embody that feeling. Your goals, dreams, aspirations are all valid.”
That’s such a motivational message!

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