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What To Rock On Your Birthday!!


What To Rock On Your Birthday!!

Need some outfit inspiration for your special day? These celeb looks are perf!

Hello all you lovely readers, Brooke here!

It’s my birthday today so I thought I would write up special and fun post for you all!

If you’re like me, every year you try to plan the perfect outfit to wear on your brithday and you probably change your mind 50 times. I don’t know why I have never gone to celeb looks for inspiration before, but I did this year and I want to share some of my fab finds!

These looks are awesome because they can all be dressed up or down depedning on the mood of your plans.

1. Selena Gomez

This is such a fun and girly look. A simple dress, especially bright colored, will look cute for any occasion! Pair it with heels, booties, sandals, or even sneakers and dress it by adding some jewels!

2. Rowan Blanchard

For a more comfortable and casual outfit, jeans and a cute top might be perfect for you! Finish it off with a cardigan or jacket and some simple shoes.

3. Lilimar

A longsleeve shirt or sweater can look super cute tucked into a skirt! With some booties, this look is perfect for all you fellow fall babies!

4. Lucy Hale

Spice up the last look by wearing a crop top and a fancier skirt if you want to dress up a bit! Flats, sandals or heels will go great with this.

5. Sophie Reynolds

Sophie mastered the combination of comfort and style in a romper!

Rompers are everywhere now so you can find one that will fit with your speical birthday plans and not have the annoyance a skirt can cause.

We want to know which look you’d wear on your birthday so tweet us @ysbnow!

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