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Which Celebs Are Freaking Out Over Harry’s Solo Song?


Which Celebs Are Freaking Out Over Harry’s Solo Song?

Rydel Lynch and Rebecca Black are so into it.

The day has finally come and Harry Styles is officially a solo artist. Don’t freak out Directioners – we just mean that he now officially has released work by himself. 

Harry dropped “Sign Of The Times” last night to rave reviews. The song showcases Harry’s powerful voice, dives into deep and meaningful lyrics, and it’ll be stuck in your head on the first listen. As far as a first single as a solo artist goes, this is the real deal. 

If the rest of the album is anything like SOTT, Harry better be ready for major world domination with his solo career. We’re just daydreaming here, but what about a co-headlining tour with Niall?! Maybe in our fangirl dreams. 

But it’s not just us and Harry’s biggest stans that are obsessed with the new song, celebs like Rydel Lynch and Olly Murs are tweeting about it too. Even Niall Horan and Liam Payne have shown their support for the track. Here’s what everyone said: 

Christian Leave loved it so much, he tweeted about it twice!

Last but definitely not least, Liam and Niall’s short but sweet words were enough to make our little fangirl hearts burst. So sweet!

We’re so excited for Harry and we can’t wait to hear more!

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