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Who Did Ruby Rose Turner Fangirl Over Meeting?!


Who Did Ruby Rose Turner Fangirl Over Meeting?!

See the photo inside!

We fangirl over our fave stars all the time, so it’s easy to forget that they’re just like us and get starstruck too! Celebs are always at events together and sometimes that means they can meet people they’re huge fans of too, which is exactly what happened to Ruby Rose Turner earlier this week!

We’re not sure exactly where this happened (maybe we’ll ask her to tell us the story next time we see her!), but Ruby Rose posted this photo:

She met Chloe and Halle! She wrote, “i don’t fangirl often but when I saw these two had to document the moment ?? ?? #greatness”

Watch our latest interview with Ruby where she spills on the first time she was ever recognized by a fan:

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