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Who Is Kira Kosarin’s Snapchat BFF?!


Who Is Kira Kosarin’s Snapchat BFF?!

See the videos she’s sending to one of our favorite band members here!


Social media can be such an awesome thing. It brings together celebs and fans, fans and other fans, and even celebs and other celebs! 


The most recent example of this awesomeness is that Kira Kosarin and Josh Levi have been sending each other covers via Snapchat! The two have formed an awesome friendship just from sharing a love of music! 

Kira told fans about their Snapchat vids on Twitter…

Then when she posted a video of herself singing “Too Little, Too Late” by Jojo, Josh said it was him that made her do it! Sounds like the Citizen Four singer requested that Kira cover the throwback classic.

Then last night, just one day later, the two were in the very same room covering the song together!

They sound amazing together! We hope these two do way more of this in the future!

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