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Why Camila Cabello is Our #WCW


Why Camila Cabello is Our #WCW

Girl is inspiring EVERY day.

by Molly Thomson

Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello makes our #wcw this week for so many reasons. The brunette singer is confident in herself, candid with her fans, and has a phenomenal sense of humor. But these aren’t the only traits that make us totally obsessed with her:

1.) She’s proud of her heritage.

Cabello wrote a poignant essay about her heritage for Hispanic Heritage Month. She talked about growing up living between Cuba and Mexico until she was seven, and the obstacles her family faced growing up as immigrants in America. In it she describes a deep hunger immigrants feel “because you’ve known what struggling is, and you’re not going to take an opportunity for granted.” You can read more of the essay here.

2.) She gives a voice to those who need one.

Like this little girl, who fled Syria with her family.

3.) She’s honest with her fans.

When she struggled with anxiety and had to leave mid-performance, Cabello didn’t pretend it was a wardrobe malfunction. She told her fans exactly what happened with beautiful clarity and honesty, and apologized for missing the show.

4.) She speaks out about what she believes in.

5.) She’s not afraid to be a fangirl.

6.) She’s relatable AF.

7.) She is total style #goals. We want a coat exactly like this!

8.) And, finally, she loves a good meme–just like the rest of us. Keep slaying, Camila!

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