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Willow Shields Shares Her Makeup-Free Confidence Journey


Willow Shields Shares Her Makeup-Free Confidence Journey

“[I’m] learning to wear makeup because I WANT to not because I feel that I NEED to.”

From her ultra glam red carpet looks to her stylish and chic Instagram snaps, actress Willow Shields is always one to wow us with her bold fashions and stunning beauty looks. But just because she enjoys pushing boundaries and experimenting with her style doesn’t mean she wants to hide behind layers of makeup all the time. In an inspiring new Instagram post, Willow shared how she is balancing being a girl who loves the glam with finding the self-confidence to proudly go makeup-free sometimes.

“I don’t know about you but I love makeup! I enjoy trying new things and creatively diving into all the different options out there,” Willow wrote. “But as a result this means that I got into the habit of wearing makeup every single time I left my home…Especially when I’ve had crazy intense breakouts on and off throughout my life, I’ve always sought to find a way to cover all of this.”

“I’ve only recently began to discover my confidence without makeup. I love the feeling of sharing my true self with people.. no longer hiding behind layers of foundation and eyeshadow,” she added. “Don’t get me wrong I still wear makeup very frequently but what I have decided is that a magnificent way to balance both is learning to wear makeup because I WANT to not because I feel that I NEED to.  Please take a day to wipe away all of that beautiful makeup to reveal an even more beautiful human being. ??? #nomakeup #nofilter.”

Willow definitely makes a great point: just because you love wearing makeup doesn’t mean you’re “hiding” or not showing others your true self. But if you personally feel like you are doing just tha, it can be refreshing to take a closer look at exactly why you turn to your favorite products. After all, what’s more empowering than seeing makeup as a choice that only you can make for yourself?

Willow’s makeup-free selfie is completely gorgeous, BTW.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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