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#WorkoutWednesday: Get Becky G’s Health and Fitness Tips


#WorkoutWednesday: Get Becky G’s Health and Fitness Tips

See the video series she made with her trainer!

Becky G always slays and gives her all, whether she’s onstage, in the recording studio or kicking butt on the big screen! Becky is also a huge source of inspiration for her fans when it comes to health and fitness, and she’s sharing her tips with you! Get ready to “Break a Sweat” with Becky G’s workout!

She and her trainer, Nelita Villezon put together a series of Boot Camp Challenges. Check ’em out below!

Check out her health tips here:

“It’s more than just taking care of your body physically,” says Becky G. “It’s just as Important to take care of yourself mentally – believing in yourself and finding happiness within. Saying you can do it is great and actually doing it is even greater.”

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