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Yellowcard May Be Breaking Up, But Their Influence Lives On


Yellowcard May Be Breaking Up, But Their Influence Lives On

Check out 5 of our favorite artists that performed with them!

Since 1997, Yellowcard has rocked stages with their beloved singles “Ocean Avenue”, “Only One”, and “Lights and Sounds” – all on violin! It’s no wonder ther unique sound and fearless choices won them Vans’ “Off The Wall” Award last summer for creative expression. Their remarkable sound propelled them to one of the most influential bands in the scene. Many of us were pretty bummed to hear that their days are numbered, but we got the most we could hope for as far as band breakups go. There wasn’t a fight, they released one last album, and are rocking the world for one last tour!

Vocalist Ryan Key shared, “It was not easy to do of course…The important thing is we got to a place where we knew this was the direction it was going to go.”

They’ve made huge contributions to pop punk not only with their incredible sound, but also by influencing other artists including All Time Low. Their final tour date is quickly approaching, but their legacy lives on through new music. It’s bittersweet, but we’re hopeful about the following years in pop rock. Here are 5 bands that have had the honor to perform with the legendary Yellowcard.

The energy they have with Pierce The Veil frontman Vic Fuente is KILLER:

Memphis May Fire’s Matty Mullin blends perfectly with this hit:

Not many rock bands can (successfully) cover Taylor Swift. Yellowcard and Against The Current are jacks of all trades:

We LOVE getting up close and personal with our favorites and Tay Jardine:

Members of Yellowcard, All Time Low and New Found Glory on one stage = heaven:

We’re gonna miss these guys!

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