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YSBnow Beauty Basics: Haley Tju


YSBnow Beauty Basics: Haley Tju

The ‘Bella and the Bulldogs’ star shares her top 3 skincare tips with YSBnow!

In honor of Haley Tju’s newest flick, Rufus, which just premiered on Nickelodeon, we thought it was only necessary to feature the 14-year-old as this week’s #YSBnowBeautyBasics queen!

YSBnow chatted with the beauty and she shared her top three skincare secrets, just for you!

So what’s her #1 tip to smooth, acne-free skin?

“ALWAYS take your makeup off,” she tells us.

“I’ve never slept with makeup on before, because it will just clog your pores and make you feel kind of gross. I usually take [off my makeup] with a makeup wipe and then I’ll wash my face,” she continues. “Then, I use a toner which really gets it all off!”

Haley also tells us that she swears by face masks.

“I use all different kinds of face masks,” she reveals. “I love clay masks, the peel-off masks, they’re all so nice and they just rejuvenate your skin.”

Last but not least? Moisturize!

“Moisturizing is a huge deal,” Haley explains. “Putting sunscreen on and moisturizing is just so important to keep that nice glow-y skin.”

Great advice, Haley! 

Want more? Start taking her advice by clicking on the links below to shop some of our YSBnow beauty editor’s faves!

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Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer w/ SPF 15

Freeman Peel-Off Cucumber Mask

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