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#YSBnowReads: See Camila Cabello’s Summer Book List!


#YSBnowReads: See Camila Cabello’s Summer Book List!

10 books the “Havana” singer loves

If there’s one thing Camila loves as much as singing, it’s gotta be diving into a good book.

When she’s not slaying onstage, Camila Cabello sure loves reading. It’s undoubtedly a big reason why she’s such an incredible songwriter, and now that it’s summer, we know you’ve got plenty of time to take a break from social media and stay learning.

Here are 10 of Camila’s favorite reads. Check ’em out and add them to your summer reading list!

1. Camila recently visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, and paid homage to “The Diary of Anne Frank,” a book that impacted her in a major way.

2. She also loved “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand:

3. “This is brilliant,” she said about Alexa Chung’s “It.”

4. Camila also recs “Dead Poets Society” by N.H. Kleinbaum.

5. And Blythe Baird’s “Theories About The Universe.”

6. You may have seen “The Fault in Our Stars,” but the book is even better:

7. And “Reasons To Stay Alive” by Matt Haig has helped Camila in her journey:

8. According to Camila, “The Little Prince” is a classic.

9. As is Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.”

10. And last, but not least, is “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave:

What are you reading right now? Tweet us @ysbnow!

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