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YSBnowScope! What’s ahead for you this week?


YSBnowScope! What’s ahead for you this week?

And a very Happy Birthday to our friend, Daya, who turns 17 years old today!!

Your #YSBnowScope


(March 21 – April 19)

Asa Butterfield – 4/1

Do something special for someone you really care about.  Even a simple card with a positive message will not only brighten their day, but it will lift yours too!  This simple act of kindness will lead your week into some interesting places!  lifestyle change is obtainable if you are willing to put in the time, effort and legwork. 

 Your lucky day will be:  SUNDAY!


(April 20 – May 20)

Gigi Hadid – 4/23

Raw emotion will drive you to make changes. Stand up for your beliefs and express your feelings. You cannot fix a problem if you don’t address the issues first and remain open to suggestions. Personal improvements will make you feel good.

 Your lucky day will be:  FRIDAY!


(May 21 – June 20)

Troye Sivan – June 5

It’s time to complete that project or paper.  You’ve been putting off, but the deadline is going to catch up with you.  Jot down details and set an action plan that will help you focus and get it done. Trust in your abilities, you’ve got this.  

Your lucky day this week will be: MONDAY!


(June 22-July 22)

Selena Gomez – 7/22

 Wait and see what everyone else does first. If someone is pressuring you, back away. Use your instincts to help you figure out the best way to handle sensitive issues. Choose love and peace over criticism and force.

Your lucky day this week will be:  WEDNESDAY!


(July 23 – August 23)

Olivia Holt – 8/5

It’s up to you to make the changes that will make your life better. Discuss your plans, but don’t back down if someone doesn’t agree. It’s best to follow your heart and do what’s best for you.

Your lucky day this week will be: SATURDAY!


(August 23-September 22)

Kelsea Ballerini – 9/12

Avoid people who tend to be unpredictable. Someone will make a last-minute change that will interfere with your plans. Don’t hesitate to make an alternative plan that will allow you to move forward easily. Personal improvements look promising.

Your lucky day this week is:  TUESDAY!


(September 23-October 22)

Kira Kosarin – 10/7

If something isn’t working for you, change it. Sitting idly by will only make matters worse. Consider what you can offer in order to get what you want. It’s not about winning, it’s about how you play the game. Be fair.

Your lucky day this week is:  WEDNESDAY!


(October 23 – November 21)

Daya – 10/24

Pay attention to the changes going on around you. Look for a way to make whatever is unfolding work in your favor. Use your imagination and make suggestions that will benefit everyone involved. Celebrate with someone you love.

  Your lucky day is: THURSDAY!


(November 22 – December 21)

Grayson & Ethan Dolan – 12/16

Go with the flow and it will help you avoid an argument about something that happened a long time ago. Concentrate on the changes you can make at home that will improve your lifestyle and your relationships.  

 Your lucky day this week: MONDAY!


(December 22 – January 19)

Dove Cameron – 1/15

 Avoid unpredictable individuals. Quiet time with someone you really care about should be your priority. That person who you think is on your side, may have alternative motives. Just pay close attention and keep your guard up. 

Your lucky day this week will be: FRIDAY!


(January 20 – February 18)

Johnny Orlando – January 24

It’s up to you to make it happen this week.  Be sure all your school work is in order before you make social plans! Don’t let emotions take over and cause you to make a foolish mistake.  

Your lucky day this week is: SATURDAY!


(February 19 – March 20)

Jordyn Jones – 3/19

Take your turn and people will notice what you do. Your concern for others and for the causes you believe in will put you in the spotlight for a leadership position. Your contribution will help you gain popularity and really start to make big things happen.  

  Your lucky day is: THURSDAY!



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