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10 Kenzie Moments That Are Too Adorable For Words


10 Kenzie Moments That Are Too Adorable For Words

Can you believe she made her “Dance Moms” debut 7 years ago?

She may be performing for stadiums all over the world now, but it seems like just yesterday Kenzie was introduced to us as a pint-sized six-year-old on Dance Moms.

Here are 10 super cute Mackenzie moments!

1. When she was a huge Belieber!

2. When she danced an amazingly sassy hip hop solo:

3. When she fangirled over Nash Grier:

4. And then got a picture with him!

5. When she color coordinated with her big sis:

6. When she guest starred on Nickelodeon’s “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.”

7. She’s always been oh-so-relatable:

8. How happy does she look posing with Maliboo when she was just a lil pupper!

9. The first time she and Johnny teased a collab!

10. And last, but not least, when she served this look to the camera:

We love you, Kenzie!

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