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#MusicMonday: 7 Songs We’ve Got on Repeat


#MusicMonday: 7 Songs We’ve Got on Repeat

These are PRETTYMUCH all epic bops!

Every Monday, we bring you 7 songs we truly cannot get enough of – and we hope you love them as much as we do! 

Check ’em out: 

1. We gotta admit, we first heard “Summer On You” when the guys came to the YSBnow house last summer, and we’ve been awaiting its release ever since. Take a listen:

2. We’re not the only ones loving Carson Lueders’ “Have You Always.” It’s still trending on YouTube, two days after its release:

3. Asher Angel cast Annie LeBlanc as his co-star in his latest release, and the pair definitely has “Chemistry.” (See what we did there?)

4. And Asher’s not the only Disney Channel star dropping fire tunes. Check out Meg Donnelly’s debut single, “Smile.”

5. We’re also loving Froy Gutierrez’s foray into music. “Sideswipe” showcases Froy’s sensitive side:

6. In just a few weeks, Jayden Bartels’ debut single, “Can’t Help Me Now,” has racked up nearly one million views. Have a listen and you’ll see why:

7. Marteen’s “Left to Right” record may have been released in March, but it’s the PERFECT summer song:

What are you listening to this week? Tell us on social media, @ysbnow!

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