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10 Questions We Hope “Fuller House” Season 2 Answers


10 Questions We Hope “Fuller House” Season 2 Answers

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

It’s finally, finally, *finally* time for Fuller House Season 2, which is premiering on Netflix tomorrow (Friday.) So, yes, we have your weekend plans for you. We have also compiled a list of questions that we hope this season answers. Tweet us yours @YSBnow! 

1. Will Kimmy stay with Fernando?

2. How long will D.J. stay single? 

3. Will D.J. finally start to focus on herself now?

4. How much screen time will Becky and Uncle Jesse get this season?

5. Will Stephanie keep working as junior partner for Kimmy?

6. Will Stephanie consider adoption?

7. What dance numbers will Kimmy and Steph do this season?

8. How many times will someone say “How rude?”

9. Will The Olson twins ever make a cameo??

10. Will Ramona have a fake wedding like Stephanie did in Full House?

Friday can’t come soon enough!

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