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ROUNDUP: Ally B’s Parents’ 8 SWEETEST Tweets


ROUNDUP: Ally B’s Parents’ 8 SWEETEST Tweets

See why Patricia & Jerry Are #ParentGoals

Are anyone’s parents prouder than Ally Brooke Hernandez’s? The Fifth Harmony member’s mom and dad have their own Twitter account in her honor, where they retweet and tweet every step of their daughter’s incredible journey.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. When they tried to orchestrate a streaming party:

2. When they only spoke the truth:

3. When Papa H got involved:

4. When they asked for pics:

5. When they weren’t above body art:

6. When they were proud wherever they were:

7. When Mama H loved to dance:

8. And, finally, this tweet, which is just peak parent:

Keep slaying, Mama and Papa H!

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