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10 Reasons Why We’re Crushing on Asher Dov Angel


10 Reasons Why We’re Crushing on Asher Dov Angel

The “Andi Mack” star is just the sweetest!


“Andi Mack” may be winning in the ratings, but Asher Dov Angel is winning our hearts! See why:

1. He’s always giving back and volunteering with organizations like The Ronan Thompson Foundation and Lollipop Theater Network.

2. He posts the cutest throwback pics!

3. He always supports his friends. Asher posted this one to help promote his pal Ricky Garcia’s new movie, “Bigger Fatter Liar.”

4. He’s got serious basketball skills!

5. And loves animals:

6. He’s a great big brother:

7. And has the sweetest smile:

8. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and posts the silliest pics!

9. He can predict the future (sort of!)

10. And that voice…Asher, please release an album already! We can’t wait!

Watch our exclusive interview with Asher below!

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