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11 Epic Cast Reunions Since the “Girl Meets World” Series Finale


11 Epic Cast Reunions Since the “Girl Meets World” Series Finale

Nothing can change their unbreakable bond

Not a day goes by where we’re not-so-secretly hoping Disney Channel changes its mind and decides to give Girl Meets World another shot. We NEED to see our fave BFFs back in action and taking on the world together.

But luckily for us, we still do get to see them reunite sometimes, since the cast is super close IRL, too, and continues to hang out a lot. Here are some of our favorite moments!

1. Onscreen siblings Rowan & Auggie just spent some time together on the beach during August’s parents’ vow-renewal ceremony. How sweet is that?

2. Corey and Sabrina hung out together in London while both working on different projects, and Sabrina even included her former co-star in some deleted scenes of her “On Purpose” music video.

3. Smarkle lives! Corey and Ceci Balagot recently snapped some photo booth pics together at a party, and even Corey couldn’t help but point out Farkle and Smackle’s major glo ups.

4. Rowan and Ceci met up to support Corey in his theatrical role in “Dog Sees God.” We love their group photo together!

5. Ben Savage had lunch with Sabrina & Sarah Carpenter, and blessed us all with this squad selfie.

6. Is it even an awards show if Auggie & Corey aren’t hanging out together?

7. Forever fashionistas! Rowan and Sabrina met up at a fashion party together, and snapped effortlessly glam pics with their celeb friends.

8. Ava Kolker, Ceci, and Cooper J. Friedman reunited at a fundraising event in LA, and snapped cute pics together.

9. Rowan, Corey, and August spent Easter holidays together in 2015 AND more recently in 2017. Though they’re growing up, some things never change!

10. Corey and Rowan proved that they are still as close as ever, posting this precious selfie that created quite a buzz in the fandom.

11. And Sabrina and Ceci are just too cute in this backstage snap.

We hope this cast stays forever friends, and continues to let us fans in on their hangout sessions!

Story by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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